Greetings. Brief announcement. As we had pushed the 2020 Sunshine Short Film Festival to February 2021 due to the Covid19 pandemic we will not be hosting a festival this fall and will be taking a break from the Festival Competition while we figure out what 2022 will be looking like.

We are not going away in this hiatus and will be working on other content creation projects. We will be back bigger and stronger!!!

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Winners of the 2020 Festival

And the winners of the 2020 Festival  competition are:

Best Film as voted by fellow directors

  • Play Along

    Play Along

    Director: Michael Hollis
    Prize Money $1,500

Best Film made under restriction

  • Odd One Out

    Odd One Out

    Director: Andrew Robb

    Prize Money $1,000

Audience Vote

  • Avocalypse


    Directors: Scott Anderson and Rowan Carrol
    First Prize - $1,000

  • Socks In Paradise

    Socks in Paradise

    Director: Taysha McFarland
    Second Prize - Prize Money $750

  • For Becky

    For Becky

    Director: Chido Mwat
    Third Prize - Prize Money $500

A big thank you to all our friends, supporters and viewers!

About the Sunshine Short Film Festival

We are the scrubby little festival that could! In our 10th year we are growing from a community based, local festival to one now with national and international recognition. Our focus is still and will always be on compelling storytelling through a visual medium. We celebrate the work of professional, accomplished filmmakers just as much as we do those who just want to have a go and have something to say to the world.  We truly believe in diversity and its representation on screen. We want to blow apart the traditional assumptions of good/bad, art/not art, community/industry. We recognise traditional accomplishment as much as we do sheer gumption, the desire to say something to world, and just the sheer joy of a collective creative process.

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