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$6,000 in prizes for 5 minute films

Latest Update From SSFF

So, the SSFF update. We are going to have a Festival Screening at Village Cinemas as soon as we can.

The Festival was conceived as a celebration of our collective lives, the collective community we live in and the spaces we inhabit.  While there is a space for online and we will be conducting part of the festival online, we also want to see all you and have the opportunity to celebrate together safely.

There is going to be a new reality in gathering in public spaces, at least in the short term, and we are going to have to learn to live with that. But it is going to be possible, and we are going to make it work.

So what we are working towards with Village Cinemas is a number of SSFF festival screenings over a number of days stringently following safety regulations in place at the time. We know that there is going to be restricted seating in cinemas and limitations on audiences at any one screening. Each screening will be an event screening with giveaways and live entertainment. p.s. we are looking for more sponsors!

As we are no longer just a short film festival and have a fantastic array of films of varying lengths from around the world for you, we are looking at a limited online festival for features/long shorts. All voting for the competition will happen online.

When? We don’t know yet, but given the most current indications that came out this morning, we are realistically looking at around January 2021. We have extended the deadline for submission already and might consider extending them once more. We will let you know.

Whatever format the Festival takes, it is going to be very different from previous festivals. This time, while we do have some local content, we have had dozens of submissions from around the world. The world meets Sunshine; Sunshine meet the world.

Looking forward to it. Hope you are too.

SSFF 2020 Coronavirus Update

A brand new $1,000 prize for films made in lock down!
Read more about festival changes due to the Coronavirus.


We all need a laugh especially in the current environment but we are particularly interested in films that fight discrimination of any sort - racism, sexism, homophobia - with humour.  Fight the phobes with laughter! That's a more specific take on the comedy theme.  Get cracking.

Deadline for entries is now Wednesday 23 September 2020

Festival screening dates Nov 5th to 12th (To Be Confirmed)

$6,000 in prizes!

Locally made entries:

1st prize $1,000

2nd prize $750

3rd prize $500

"Art in a Time of Coronavirus" prize

1st prize $1,000

Free entry for film makers based in Victoria, Australia

Film makers from everywhere else ($15 AUD entry)

All films are eligible for the Judges Award: $1,500

Short Comedy Film Workshop

Watch the replay of this recently live streamed event presented in association with Cinespace and the St Kilda Film Festival

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