SSFF 2020 Coronavirus Update

We hope that you, your family and colleagues are all keeping safe and well. A shout out to all of you who are working on the front line to keep us healthy, fed, protected and entertained. May you be blessed a thousand fold.

So, given that the Festival screening is scheduled for Nov 5th to 12th (To Be Confirmed) assuming that we will be cleared for social gathering by then so keep those date free for at least one, possibly more, nights of laughter.

However, given that there is going to be very limited opportunity to make new films between now and the new submission deadline of Wednesday 23rd September 2020 we have made some changes to our rules and regulations to allow for films that have already been made.

Rule changes

  • We have opened up to international entries through FilmFreeway and already have a bumper crop of films to chose from.
  • Elimination of the 5 minute limit on films. Your films can be as long as they need to be. Anything under an hour (60 minutes) is considered a short and anything over an hour is a feature.
  • The theme is still comedy. Your film needs to fit in a broad definition of the genre of comedy. We are still prioritising films that address social issues through comedy but otherwise anything goes.
  • To allow for the inclusion of as many films as possible including features we are looking at extending the festival screenings to multiple screening days which will include an online streaming component.

Most importantly - introducing Art in a Time of Coronavirus.

WE HAVE ANOTHER PRIZE FOR YOU. An additional prize of $1,000 for films produced under Art in a Time of Coronavirus.

The films have to be strictly made within the perimeters of current social distancing regulations.

We are taking this very seriously. Any films that are seen to be flouting any of the regulations will be automatically eliminated and if necessary authorities notified.

    • The films can be made on the camera or device of your choice, have to be made within the home, with the current residents. No additional cast or crew allowed.
    • The films will be eligible for the other prizes as well as the $1,000 for this special category.
      • When you submit your film, just add Art in a Time of Coronavirus as a sub title or in the descriptor and submit.
    • The general theme of comedy still applies. We are looking to make people laugh and hope that you have a good time in the process.