Films that screened at the 2016 SSFF

brave sir knight Congratulations to all winners who shared in our festival’s prestigious $10,000 prize pool! Congratulations also to all film makers whose films were screened and all other film makers who participated. Details of prize winners will be posted here shortly.

Primary School Category – Screened at 6.00pm Village Cinemas Sunshine 28th Oct 2016

Knights in Sunshine

St Albans Meadows Primary School

Pokemon Run

St Albans Meadows  Primary School

The Soccer Disaster

St Albans Meadows Primary School

The Genie

Cabramatta Public School

Happy Face by Class 5H

Cabramatta Public School

Knight Club

Cabramatta Public School

U Knight

Maya Scott

There was a Man named Night

Truganina South Primary School

Sunshine Castle

Liz Dalgleish


St Albans Primary

The 6 Year Old That Came to Tea

Jessica Greger

Secondary School Category – Screened at 7.30pm Village Cinemas Sunshine 28th Oct 2016

Knight In Shining Armour

Caitlin Devos

Journey of Music and Art

Timothy Han and Arif Jacupi


Isaac Anderson, Nathan Martin, Joel Chamoun, Daniel Larosa


Banjo Swan

An everyday’s knight

Poppe-Simone Sakr

No Excuse

Oliver Crawford Smith and Oliver Bailey

Goodnight Sunshine

Alexandra Di Stefano

The Knights of Sunshine

Sunny Letran and Jacky Ly

The Chopping Block

Dermot O’Brien

The Knight of Sunshine

James Young

Dad’s Anonymous

Maisy Sutcliffe

Open Category (Screened at Village Cinemas Sunshine 28th Oct 2016)

More Than a Bed

Lusa Washburn

The Treasure Chest

Angus Turner-Summerton

Lost and Found

Bradley Justin

Small Beginnings

Dean Musumeci


Jason Cheetham

The Round Table

Justin Macawili

2 Nights in Sunshine

Saidin Salkic

Knights in Sunshine

Sheena Dang

Dinner with Donna

Andrew William Robb

2 in the Woods

Robert Zakanj

Knights of Sunshine

Thomas Gruevsk


Ken Grebenare


2016 Sunshine Short Film Festival Australia

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