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Films that screened at the 2014 SSFF

Watch the 2014 Festival playlist on our Youtube Channel or click a movie below.

SSFF Primary School Category
Halloween Tales Cabramatta Public School
Australian Horror Orlando Catoggio
Community Z Cabramatta Public School
The Evil Horrid Camp Leader Mariel Guilfoyle
SSFF Secondary Schools Category
The Door Renae Hunt
Let’s Play Alanna Ciangura
Gone of Humanity: Production Exercise 2
Alisha Marfatia
Nightmarecut Brandon White
My Story Andrew Coster
SSFF Tertiary Category
The Writing Class Spectrum Migrant Resource Center
& Open Channel
Greg and Evil Benjamin Laut and Jack Rintoul
The Visitor Brendan Suell
SSFF Open Category
Andrew Robb
Mine Shannon Keeley
Toot Sapna: A Shattered Dream Amitabh Singh
Night of the Trolley Annette Ellis
Sweet Halloween Heidi Holley
Dead Jack Pardy
Botcha Jonathan Sulte
Pyewietjorrk The Legless Lizards
Crosswind Thomas Field
Good Night Andrew Robb

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