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2014 Sunshine Short Film Festival News

Light Up Sunshine - Music In The Park

Movies In The Park

The SSFF through the Sunshine Business Association and Brimbank City Council are presenting a series of free, family friendly outdoor screening and twilight entertainment at the RT Pollard Gardens, Hampshire Road, Sunshine. Summer twilight entertainment from 6pm with the movie to follow. Pack a picnic and your friends and family and enjoy.

For more information check out:

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2014 Sunshine Short Film Festival Winners!

2014 SSFF Winners

The winners of the 2014 Sunshine Short Film Festival are:

Primary School Category: Halloween Tales by the Cabramatta Public School

Secondary School Category: My Story by Andrew Coster

Tertiary School Category: Greg and Evil by Benjamin Laut and Jack Rintoul

Open Category: Botcha by Jonathan Sulte

The Academy of Design Australia Scholarship Award went to Andrew Coster for My Story

The Judge’s Prize for Best Film judged by Richard Keddie went to Jonathan Sulte for Botcha.

Congratulations to all our winners, all our participants and everyone who attended. It was a fabulous night.

Remember to tweet us – there is a prize involved – Horror or Superheros for the theme for next year. You decide!

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Your chance to be a reality TV Star

We are movers and shakers at the Sunshine Short Film Festival. Not only do we have a spine tingling film festival for your enjoyment this Friday night but we are also going to provide you with an opportunity to become a reality TV Star!

The People’s View is going to be an Australian version of the British hit series Gogglebox which is a show about people watching TV at home and their reactions to it.

Shine Production, the company behind the Australian production, is going to be casting in Sunshine on Friday 31st October at the Night Market on Hampshire Road from 4pm to 7pm as part of the lead up to the Festival Screening!

All you need to do is front up and hang around and they will find you. What they are looking for are people who love watching TV and who are interesting, opinionated and amusing. They are looking for families, couples, friends or housemates. They are looking for you.

So come on down to the Night Market, come on down to the Screening, and Come on Down to make yourself a star.

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Films that screened at the 2014 SSFF

Watch the 2014 Festival playlist on our Youtube Channel or click a movie below.

SSFF Primary School Category
Halloween Tales Cabramatta Public School
Australian Horror Orlando Catoggio
Community Z Cabramatta Public School
The Evil Horrid Camp Leader Mariel Guilfoyle
SSFF Secondary Schools Category
The Door Renae Hunt
Let’s Play Alanna Ciangura
Gone of Humanity: Production Exercise 2
Alisha Marfatia
Nightmarecut Brandon White
My Story Andrew Coster
SSFF Tertiary Category
The Writing Class Spectrum Migrant Resource Center
& Open Channel
Greg and Evil Benjamin Laut and Jack Rintoul
The Visitor Brendan Suell
SSFF Open Category
Andrew Robb
Mine Shannon Keeley
Toot Sapna: A Shattered Dream Amitabh Singh
Night of the Trolley Annette Ellis
Sweet Halloween Heidi Holley
Dead Jack Pardy
Botcha Jonathan Sulte
Pyewietjorrk The Legless Lizards
Crosswind Thomas Field
Good Night Andrew Robb

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Sneak Previews


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The 2014 Sunshine Short Film Festival

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Sunshine Short Film Festival's the reel deal

Steven Carpenter and Steve Pereira are ready for the festival. Photo: Wayne Hawkins

Steven Carpenter and Steve Pereira are ready for the festival. (Photo: Wayne Hawkins)

Budding filmmakers of all ages are being encouraged to show off all Sunshine has to offer in less than five minutes, with the best films to be screened at Sunshine’s Village Cinemas on October 31.

Read the Star Weekly article (Monday July 28 2014)


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Watch the SSFF 2014 Trailer


Sunshine Short Film Festival 2014 Trailer



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A flash mob of Zombies opened the Festival

A flash mob of zombies opened the Sunshine Short Film Festival 2014

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The 2014 Sunshine Short Film Festival

halloweenlipsThe Sunshine Short Film Festival is back again for 2014.

Enter a short film (5 minutes max) which includes a reference to Sunshine and Halloween! Screenings will occur on Friday the 31st of  October at the Village Cinemas Sunshine. Entries are now open and $5,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs!

Friday the 31st of October is Halloween. Have fun exploring a Halloween theme! Vampires, zombies & pumpkins, oh my!! This year's theme presents a fantastic opportunity to work in with the Sunshine theme. The forces of darkness and light battling it out etc!

A couple of important changes to previous years.
1.    Categories: There are only two categories for films this year: A Schools Category and the Open Category.
The Schools will be divided into 3 sections: Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Tertiary. The films in the schools category have to have major creative input from the students. The Open Category will include everybody else.
2.    Judging: The main prizes will be awarded on the basis of a popular vote, however, we have a new Judge’s award for the best film based on professional film making practice. We have a panel of very experienced professional filmmakers as judges. Use the opportunity to impress them.

Register now:

Register as a Film Maker Register as a School Team Volunteer


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