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Release Forms

Obtaining proper writer permissions Is the responsibility of each film maker. A video release form is also known as an Appearance Release form. It is a simple contract that gives you legal permission to use the image  of the person or use the location.

A good video release form:

  • Specifies what is being released (video images, audio, photographs).
  • Specifies that the videographer may sell or assign the right to use the images or other materials to third parties.
  • Specifies that the release is irrevocable. Otherwise, the release could be terminated by the person giving it at any time.
  • Is signed and dated by the individual releasing his/her images. If the subject is a minor (under 18 years old), the release should be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Is in writing.

The following is an example of a simple video release form:


For good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby consent to the photographing of myself and the recording of my voice and the use of these photographs and/or recordings singularly or in conjunction with other photographs and/or recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes. I understand that the term "photograph" as used herein encompasses both still photographs and motion picture footage.

I further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by ___________________to reproduce and use said photographs and recordings of my voice, for use in all domestic and foreign markets. Further, I understand that others, with or without the consent of ________________ may use and/or reproduce such photographs and recordings.

I hereby release _____________________, and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees and customers, and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, agents and employees from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

If Model is under 18: I, ____________________, am the parent/legal guardian of the individual named above, I have read this release and approve of its terms.

Print Name: ___________________________

Signature: ___________________________

Date: _____________________



Useful Websites


Editing Software

The recomended film editing software used by many professionals include Adobe Premiere (or the lower cost Premiere Elements) and After Effects.

Lightworks has also becoming very popular since the release of an open source (free version). Lightworks has been used to edit many Hollywood feature films. It does require a license fee to use some codecs that are the native format of current video cameras and the program also requires a fairly powerful computer and/or video card.


Learning Material

Video Copilot: This website is great for begginers, they have hundreds of free tutorials on how to get the most out of your video. Everything from basic color grading to 3D explosions:- A must see!


CreativeCow: If you cant find it on this website then chances are its not worth seeing. You can browse the tutorials by category of software authored by professionals from around the world:- Thousands of tutorials!


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