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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "When is the festival?"
A: Friday 22 September 2017


Q: "Where will the festival be screened?"
A: The Sunshine Short Film Festival will be screened at the Village Cinema complex in Sunshine, Victoria, Australia.


Q: "Will my entry be screened at the Festival?"
A: If your film meets all the terms and conditions there is a very good chance it will be screened.


Q: "When do registrations close?"
A: 5pm Friday 25 August 2017


Q: "Do I have to pay to enter?"
A: No. Registration and submission is free to you.


Q: "What is the required video format for entering?"
A: Simple answer is, anything you like. We prefer a PAL format 720x576 16:9 Widescreen @ 25 FPS. If you are shooting high definition then it would be 1280x720 or 1920x1080 @ 25 FPS. But it is totally up to you. For the mobile catergory its the same... Any resolution/frame rate is fine with us as the projectors are all digital.


Q: "How strict is the 5 minute maximum duration policy?"
A: Unfortunately we have to be very strict about the 5 minute limit on films. Anything over the 5 minute length will have the film disqualified. Next year we might look at including films of various lengths but this year we do want to create as level a playing field as possible and make sure that all films have a chance to be seen.


Q: "What is the minimum length of an entry?"
A: There is no minimum duration.


Q: "I've forgotten and want to reset my password"
A: You can reset your password here.

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